market value and balance sheet of OIMGC
In 2015, OIMGC has 30000 billion shares that market value of OIMGC is 1.9 billion dollars registered capital is 850 million dollars. As well as, OIMGC has 850 million dollars registered capital and 30000 billion shares that market value of OIMGC shares is 1.2 billion dollars. Of curse, market value of listed companies in Tehran security exchange (TSE) is about 1.4 billion dollars and book value of unlisted companies in TSE is about 500 million dollars, as approximately market value of unlisted company equal 700 million dollars . Therefore total market values of listed and unlisted companies are 2.1 billion dollars. Table 3 shows balance sheet of OIMGC that total assets equal 2161 million dollars in 2015. Table 4 shows profit and statement of OIMGC that profit equal 365 million dollars in 2015. Table 5 shows investment situation in sub-company in OIMGC. Total investment planned in OIMGC is about 5397 million dollars and total investment required is about 2923.6 million dollars. Therefore OIMGC propose investment in this companies by domestic and forign investors.