Mineral And Industrial Company Of Chadormelo
Mineral and industrial company of cadormelo provides more than 37 percent of iron ore needed for country. The main product of company is iron ore concentrate having 67 percent alloy and graded iron ore that provides raw materials needed for Isfahan Mobarake steel and Khozestan steel companies. The subject of company activity is exploration, extraction and exploration of iron ore mine, concentrate production and investment partnership in other companies and industrial and mineral designs. In 2015 is 806 million dollars and net profit is 180 million dollers .
 It is important to note that the percentage of omid company investment in Cadormelo is 38 percent. The mine of this company is located in 180 km of yazd eastern north and 300 km distance of tabas that enjoys of two northern and southern reserves with 1.7 km length. The amount of obtainable reserve of mine is anticipated equal to 399 million ton and its age estimated 40 years.
 Recently, exploitation of mine located at the south of chadormelo region with about 100 million ton capacity has been assigned to the mineral and industrial company of chadormelo, which regarding to the assigning the exploitation of new mine, the age of company activities in the extraction and exploitation context of region’s mines will reach more than fifty years. Pelletizing unit with 3.4 million ton at 25 km distance of ardakan also has been manifested by the highly ambitious of Iran’s children that in the future development programs of company. 
It is intended to increase the pelletizing capacity upon to 5 million ton in the year. With respect to that at the end of development fifth program, the production of 42 million ton steel has been planned the country. 
This amount of production needs more than 66 million ton concentrate of iron ore, which about 10 million ton of this amount is provided by chadormelo mineral and industrial company. This will be as 5.6 million ton iron ore concentrate and 3.4 million ton pellet and one million ton graded iron ore.