Golgohar iron Ore Company
Golgohar iron Ore Company with 3.000 billion rial capital and through owning iron ore rich mines is as one of greatest mineral and industraial active poles in the Middle East.
 This mine has located in sirjan and its extraction history backs at least 900 year before now. In 1993, exploitation executive operation from mine was started by golgohar iron ore company and at the end of same year extraction was begun and upon to the end of 1388 about 110 million ton iron ore was extracted from mineral field number one and it is estimated that remained extractable reserves of mine is about 120 million ton. 
 Is addition to mine number one, exploitation authority of mine number two with 50 million ton reserve and mine number four with 100 million ton reserve has been assigned to golgohar iron ore company. 
In 2015, capital of company is 685 million dollars and net profit equal 145 million dollars. It is important to note that the percentage of omid company investment in Golgohar iron Ore Company is 38 percent.
It is important to note that stripping estimation from mine number two has been anticipated to be 150 million tone which upon to the end of shahrivar of 2010 stripping operation has been 38 million ton and from this amount waste 1.9 million ton iron ore has been obtained. Also the stripping estimation of mine number four is amount to 35 million ton that already more than 15.3 million ton stripping operation has been performed and it has been obtained more than one million tone iron ore from this total waste.