Amin Investment Bank

Amin Investment Bank is composed of a collection of the best investment banking and capital market professionals in Iran that has all required licenses and aims to render a full-range of counselling services in terms of securities distribution and listing requirement and also merchandise-based securities listing, process of financial information and Portfolio Management Services (PMS). Amin Investment Bank’s distinguished record in providing its clients with capital market financing strategies in its second decade of financial activities led to formation of Amin Strategies Center aiming to provide multilateral solutions in every industry and has brought about focus, expertise, and smartness for clients. Our securities market share is 25% which is resulted from customers’ trust thus we try our best to provide universal, compatible, and efficient solutions in furtherance of industry and investment.

Although Amin Investment Bank has put specialization, innovation, and focus on customers’ needs at the top of its agenda and encourages this goal internally, the thing that has made the real distinction in Amin is the positive effect Amin’s activities has exerted on the country’s economy and in turn on the quality of people’s lives. The growth of this investment bank interlinks the win-win approach and “comprehensive economic development”.

Ownership percentage: 12%

Affiliated Companies