Company’s field of business

To establish and set up any companies, to make investment in shares and equity in following areas aiming to generate profit so that may individually or jointly take over control of investee companies or to exert significant influence in them. Omid Investment Management Group activities revolve around mines and steel, cement, building, capital market and superior financial services, commercial, oil, gas, and energy.

  • To establish companies, to study development plans, to sell and buy companies’ shares, to make investment on manufacturing, commercial, building and service providing affairs domestically and abroad.
  • To administer and hold, amend, merge, develop, annual, and utilize subscription privilege derived from capital increase or shares deposition.
  • To obtain any facilities from domestic and foreign banks and financial and credits institutes, to issue bonds as per current regulations of the country.
  • To grant facilities and render counselling and managerial services.
  • To participate in and make investment on foreign companies and institutes within the scope of articles of association

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