Vision & Mission

Element of Directional Pillars


To gain the first place among multi-field holding companies, to contribute to sustainable development of the country and create value for shareholders

Mission Statement:

  • To maximize efficiency and sustainable profitability for shareholders and utilize the maximum capacity and technical knowledge in order to improve values and existing assets
  • To opt for the best productive investments from among favorable investment opportunities with an emphasis on completion of value chain of industries
  • To apply knowledge-intensive approaches and enter the investments fields with high added value aiming to reduce external dependence and strengthen domestic production
  • To empower and improve human resources

Central Values:

To move in furtherance of national interests aligned with directions set forth by National Developments Programs

To consider social and cultural responsibility, and environmental protection

Law obedience with an emphasis on stakeholders’ interests

Transparency of economic activities and responsiveness to stakeholders

Financial discipline, honesty, and accountability

Meritocracy and meeting professional ethics

Synergy and cooperation

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