Organizational Ethics Charter

  • We take step so as to propitiate God and believe that God watches our deeds.
  • We adhere to Organizational Ethics Charter under any circumstances.
  • We comply with Islamic ordinances and ethics as well as human dignity in all interpersonal and organizational interactions.
  • We believe that understanding and proper using of organizational authorities in all levels precede good organizational behavior.
  • We deem trustworthiness and confidentiality in terms of organizational information as fundamental duties of ourselves.
  • We protect assets and interests of shareholders and stakeholders.
  • We believe observance of moral ethics and transparency in information dissemination earn credit and trust.
  • Accountability, professional ethics and responsive culture are of our commitments.
  • We observe safety, health, and environmental regulations in order to maintain the health of ourselves and others.
  • According to our religious beliefs and dignity, we do not use the company’s assets and properties without authorization for personal use.
  • We believe maintenance and improvement of efficient human resources, as the highest value organizational assets, are key to success.
  • We welcome constructive advice, recommendations, and criticism in furtherance of organizational excellence.
  • We do all best to acquire professional knowledge aligned to improvement of quality of activities.
  • We epitomize adherence to organizational goals.

Our slogan:

The First in Trust and Information Transparency

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