Strategic goals of the company

SG1: to increase income and profitability
SG2: to increase funding and foreign investment
SG3: to increase contribution in industries related to mines and basic metals, power plants and new energies, petro-chemistry and refinery, IT-oriented industries, transportation and financial services
SG4: to complete steel supply and value chain
SG5: to improve the company’s credit rating in the capital market
SG6: to increase export earnings
SG7: to increase capabilities of human resources of the company
SG8: to improve the level of stakeholders’ satisfaction

Central Strategies of the company

To maintain and develop market share and contribution of Omid Investment Management Group in iron ore industry, transportation, especially rail transportation industry, power industry, financial and petroleum services, gas and petrochemical industries.
To increase competitiveness capability by manufacturing imported parts domestically aiming to decrease cost, diversifying production, and improving quality.
To increase export earnings and national and international joint ventures
To enhance skills and capabilities of human resources of the company
To amend organizational chart of the holding
To amend financial structure of affiliated companies and withdrawal from low-return investments
To reconstruct and modernize lines and machines in subsidiaries
To implement integrated information system in the companies
To implement comprehensive performance evaluation system in the companies

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