1- How to be informed about the status of sale and purchase and dividends associated with shares?
Until the shareholders’ portal is fully launched, you can contact Shares Affairs Unit at 00982126203011 and 00982126207066 (extension telephone No. 552) and Fax No. 00982126209586.
2- How to receive our annual dividend?
For receiving dividend of the year 2019 and previous years, please go to a Bank Sepah branch and produce your National ID Card to receive your dividend.
3- How shareholders residing outside Iran can receive their dividend?
Shareholders residing outside Iran may instruct someone their trust by issuing an official power of attorney and receive their dividend by proxy.
4- How can we receive our bonds?
Share Affairs office of the company will send you your bonds upon your contact with this office using the fax number you provide. If you do not have a fax number, the transfer certificate will be posted to your home or workplace address.
5- What are widely-circulated newspapers of the company?
Donya-e-Eqtesad and Ettela'at newspapers
6- How can we see our shares in our brokerage portfolio?
You can contact your broker and request for modification of Supervisor Broker in Omid’s shares in order to see your share in your brokerage portfolio.
7- How can I Login into Share Affairs Website?
Currently, Share Affairs Website is being redesigning. We will inform you about its completion via official website of the company.
8- How can we follow up transfer of shares and legal claims of a deceased shareholder?
Central Securities Depository of Iran (csdiran.com) deals with all affairs concerning transfer of shares of companies listed with Security Exchange Organization.

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