Parsland Mines & Industries Development Company (PAMIDCO)

PAMIDCO with more than a decade effective presence in steel upstream industries and in light of the experience and presence of its shareholders and directors in this field has remarkably contributed to current projects and contracts in contract work, operation, engineering counselling and supervision so that it is presently in four contract-work projects (including two pelletizing projects and one steel production project and one direct reduced iron factory) and in management and workshop supervision sector, in three projects (including two pelletizing projects and one briquette production project). It is worth mentioning that in order to strengthen its executive and operational capacity, this company has formed Apco Partners in the field of operation since 2016 with cooperation of Asfalt Tous company which has led to conclusion of two operation contracts in the same year including Arfa Steel Factory and Chadormalu Steel Manufacturing Factory operation contracts.

Ownership percentage: 25%

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